Tune in! Natural Way to Heal Your Body.

Sounds to good to be true, right? Well, I am living proof that the Tuning Element has a product that works together with science, nature, and innovation to improve your overall well being. You see…our bodies are made of 70-75% water, depending on who you ask. The environment plays havoc on our cells each day and each day, many of us experience stress, pain, and/or fatigue. “Therefore, we get out of tune with our body’s natural frequency” (TuningElement.com). Our bodies get out of whack. They quit absorbing proper nutrients from the foods we eat and they lose the natural ability to fight infections and disease.

How do we get our bodies back in tune with the environment? Tuning Element body wear can help. They use metals like stainless and silver to create jewelry that they then take through a laser process that creates a “tuning fork” of sorts for your body. Along with drinking water, this tuning jewelry works immediately with your alkaline numbers bringing your body back into balance. It’s like “programming a computer chip for your body.” – KaylaIMG_3292

In fact, if you visit the Tuning Element at the Grand Village Shops, ask them to test your alkaline levels. They can do it in under a minute and tell YOU what types of aches and pains you might be experiencing. They can also tell you, what level (I, II, or III) of Tuning Element Jewelry you will need to start feeling better.

When I visited the store, they gave me a sort of temporary tattoo (sample) of the product. They placed it on the back of my neck. I told them I had no pain, because it seemed personal to me at the time. However, I did have pain and it was right in the back of my neck. Within minutes, the pain subsided and within a few hours, I was feeling happy and relieved. My family really appreciated the new me. Want to know who are the biggest clients of Tuning Element? Truckers, Nurses, Teachers, Construction workers, and folks with diseases like heart disease, MS, stroke victims, cerebral palsy, etc.

Best of all, there are no drugs involved and you might have such great results that you actually get to eliminate the drugs that you already take. I’m no doctor, but here is one that uses the product in his practice: The bracelets start at $175 and go up to around $475 depending on your needs. It seems like a relatively low investment to rid yourself of pain. I am definitely sold. Come visit them today at the Grand Village Shops in Branson, Mo. and find out how they could help you.

– Grand Village Reporter, Erin Wicker


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