Made by Hand in the USA

I stopped by Peter Engler Woodcarving and Design Shop last week to meet the owner, Mary Bowman. I am truly fascinated by this shop, which displays local art from over 150 artists. I wanted to find out how this shop began. By the way,  If you are a supporter of items made right here in the United States, this is your store.IMG_3083

The original owner, Peter Engler was a famous woodcarver who began selling his wares in 1962 at Branson’s Silver Dollar City theme park. He believed that everyone should learn some type of craft and he strived to keep the art of woodcarving alive through generations. Mr. Engler made a huge impact on the Ozarks as the founder of the Fall Arts and Crafts Festival and the Ozark Mountain Christmas, both at Silver Dollar City. Peter passed away in 2012, but his legacy remains.

Peter Engler Designs

Mary Bowman, Peter’s friend and business partner, is now the sole owner of Peter Engler Woodcarving and Design Shop. She has kept his dream alive by selling everything you might need to begin the art of woodcarving, i.e. wood, wood carving tools, books, etc. Oh, and she too is a woodcarver and painter who learned the art from Peter. You can purchase any of Peter Engler’s remaining art pieces while they last. They are one of a kind, signed pieces and once they are gone, they are gone.


Peter Engler Original

Not only can you learn how to carve at this shop, but you can also learn the art of pottery. Local Potter, Tracy Adams, owner of Potternot Pottery, can also be found several days per week in the back of the store on her potter’s wheel. She began her artistic career at Silver Dollar City. She now has a huge following and I can see why. She makes everything from baking dishes to candle holders. Stop by and meet her. She gives live demonstrations on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Tracy Adams, Potter

This store is full of life. It’s Americana at it’s finest. Stop by and meet this talented group of local artisans. They’ll be glad you did.

” it’s the journey that’s most important.” – Peter Engler

courtesy of Greenlawn Funeral Home
courtesy of Greenlawn Funeral Home

See you at the Grand Village Shops!

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-Erin Wicker




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